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The Best Enemies Money Can Buy - Communism, Socialism, and Wall Street

An amazing and timeless interview that will change the way you think about Communism, Socialism, and Wall Street. The audio has been slightly edited and adjusted for clarity in this version, suitable for your i-pod or other mobile device.

Why is it possible, for example, for Barack Obama, a man with a very well known communist - socialist history, to be owned and controlled by Wall Street interests? Aren't the "capitalists" of Wall Street and the Trotskyite Communists of Berkeley and Chicago mortal enemies? If you believe that, this audio will shock and inform you.

Check out Antony Sutton's books mentioned in this audio as well. This is merely a shocking overview of the wealth of information Sutton has to offer us by way of his diligent research.

For more outstanding work by Antony Sutton;

As shocking as Sutton's findings were, they were verified fully:

For a very up-to-date treatment on the scams the elite use to keep us at war, see:

and also:


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